Are there Security Officers onboard?

Yes. The Staff Captain (second in command of the ship) directly oversees the daily security operations onboard, which are run by a Security Officer. Security teams include other professional security personnel, such as Deputy Security Officers, Guest Security Supervisors, Supervisors and Security Guards.

What training have the Security Officers received?

Security Officers receive a variety of specialized training. They are certified by the Security Industrial Authority of the United Kingdom and are directly trained by specialists such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are also guided by procedures developed in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

How can I identify a member of the Security Team?

Security Guards and Supervisors wear light blue shirts with a distinctive epaulet on each shoulder and a gold badge on their left pocket. You may approach them when you see them around the ship. You may also ask our Guest Services Staff to notify our Security Staff if you need to speak with them. In an emergency situation, you may reach them by calling the onboard emergency telephone number from any ship (house) phone. Further details can be found inside the front cover of the Guest Services Directory, which is located in each guest stateroom.

Is there crime onboard?

The safety and security of our guests is our highest priority and we have processes in place to help ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.

Allegations of criminal incidents onboard Royal Caribbean International ships do occur, just as they do on land. However, their rate is significantly below the rate of crime on land. By policy and by law, all such allegations are reported to law enforcement, including the FBI, and they can and do board our ships to investigate and prosecute.

Overall, it is recommended that guests exercise the same level of precaution as they do in social settings on land.

How do I report a crime or emergency situation while at sea?

You may dial a designated emergency number (9-1-1 on most ships but check your Guest Services Directory to confirm) from any shipboard telephone to report an emergency. A ship’s officer will ensure that appropriate security and medical personnel, if necessary, are immediately sent to your location to assist.

What can I expect if my cruise vacation is interrupted by an unforeseen event and I need to disembark the ship during the cruise?

Although emergencies rarely occur, Royal Caribbean International has Care Team personnel available to provide the necessary physical, emotional, and logistical support to a guest who experiences an unplanned emergency disruption to their cruise vacation.

Are staterooms safe?

Yes, staterooms are built to international standards for fire safety and are equipped with audible smoke detectors and fire suppression systems. In addition, guest stateroom doors are equipped with a deadbolt lock for guest safety and privacy while occupying the room and with a door viewer (peephole) to allow guests to better identify anyone seeking to enter a stateroom. Guests are encouraged to secure valuables either in their stateroom safe, or in a safety deposit box available at the Guest Relations Desk. Guest stateroom security is a shared responsibility. Stateroom security devices, when properly utilized, provide a high degree of security.

What type of background investigation is conducted of your crewmembers?

Royal Caribbean International crewmembers undergo a layered vetting process that includes the following:

Hiring agencies, identifying potential candidates from more than 100 countries, assist Royal Caribbean International in obtaining background information on potential crewmembers. This includes information from local police officials such as any criminal history. Prospective crewmembers are also interviewed to further assess their suitability for employment and undergo medical evaluations to ensure their fitness for duty.

Crewmembers (other than US or Canadian nationals) must also obtain US work visas and undergo US State Department screening prior to working on any Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. The majority of our crewmembers join our ships in US ports. This requires them to also enter the US via a border check point (airport immigration checks, etc.) and undergo government interview and verification prior to admission.

Subsequent to employment, crewmembers’ names are included in ship manifests provided to the US Customs and Border Protection agency prior to each departure and re-entry into the US. As designed, this manifest is checked against various government databases. Some other countries require similar manifest reports and conduct similar checks. These recurring government database checks are unusual in the business world and aid in ensuring our crewmembers uphold our highest standards of personal fitness for duty.

What type of background investigation is conducted of your passengers?

Identifying information for every guest is obtained by Royal Caribbean International prior to sailing. This information is verified during check-in and any discrepancies must be resolved before boarding. This process includes prior screening against an internal corporate watchlist to detect whether any guest has been involved in prior incidents on any of our ships. Some forms of prior cruise behavior may make a guest ineligible to sail with Royal Caribbean International in the future. On cruises that embark in a US port, we are required to submit guest names to government officials for their screening. Some other countries also require similar checks.

Do you have security cameras onboard and, if so, where are they located?

Royal Caribbean International has closed-circuit television cameras located in hundreds of strategic, public locations throughout the ship but not in private staterooms, public restrooms or private spa areas. These systems are upgraded as new and beneficial technologies are developed. Recordings from these cameras are routinely utilized by our security teams and made available to investigative authorities as requested.

Does the SeaPass® card include security features?

Before our guests board their ship, they are issued a SeaPass card that is used to check their identity each time they board and leave the vessel. It is also used to gain access to their cabin, as a form of identification, and to make onboard purchases. The card is linked to electronic data, including the guest’s photograph to assist with onboard activities such as verifying the guest’s identity when they leave and return to the ship.