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Come for seven high-impact days of Entrepreneurs Cruise 2015, from April 7th to May 3rd, 2015. Meet the “who’s who” in the Digital Marketing Community, gain new insights and share ideas with fellow web business pros. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a digital marketing expert, Entrepreneurs Cruise 2015 will give you the latest strategies and information to increase your own knowledge and grow your business through digital marketing.

Check out some of the killer line-up of presentations and speakers below. They’ll get you excited and leave you wishing it was April already!

Search ExperiencesA New Generation of Branded Search
Aaron Polmeer, Chief Executive Officer, Search Experiences
Aaron Polmeer will give an entrepreneurial perspective on the opportunities and benefits for companies to brand ‘web search’ the number one activity performed daily online by their customers. Attendees will learn what branded search is, how it is activated and how it can be monetized, while increasing and retaining web traffic online for any company website.
BoncomData is Delicious: Why Everyone Needs to be Thinking About Data
Ammon Fife, Group Director, Data Science and Analytics, Bonneville Communications
Ammon Fife is the Group director of data science and analytics at Bonneville Communications. He has worked on social and digital campaigns in the Consumer (Hersheys, General Mills), Hi-tech (Intel, HP, Rackspace), Pharma (Pfizer, Sanofi, Amgen), and Non-profit (, Huntsman Cancer Institute, UN Foundation.) spaces. He also bounces between teaching Social Media Analytics and Micro-Economics at LDS Business College and BYU-Idaho.
Leveraging Your Personal Brand on Social Media
Jacob Curtis, Owner, Branding by Jacob
Jacob Curtis will share tips and advice from his experience in leveraging his online influence through his personal brand to make a name for the company he works for. Listen to what Jacob has to say about his journey using personal branding on social media as an employee advocate. Attendees will learn the importance of personal brands in general, how trust is important on social media, knowing which social platforms to focus on, how to measure success and the importance of data metrics.
3 Dog WriteProximity Marketing and the Impact on the Digital Marketer
Lisa Apolinski, CEO, 3 Dog Write
Proximity marketing is an exciting endeavor, both for the prospect and the marketer. And it will cause a significant shift in how digital strategy is developed and executed. So, what are the pros and cons for the digital marketer? In this session, attendees will: understand what proximity marketing is, review the positive impact proximity marketing will have on digital engagement and review the issues a digital marketer will face with proximity marketing.
businessesgrowThe Future of Social Media
Mark Schaefer, Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions
In a world where marketing platforms seem to be shifting daily, it might seem impossible to predict where the future of social media is going, but Mark Schaefer has a pretty good idea. In this acclaimed, entertaining, and unforgettable speech, Schaefer discusses

  • The three digital marketing revolutions and the fourth that will begin in the next two years.
  • The very real business challenges presented by information density
  • Critical strategies to cut through the Internet noise to become the consumer’s signal
  • The role of advanced filters, cognitive computing, and wearable technology in a future marketing mix
  • The one “killer app” for digital marketing, sales and service for the next five years
The Future of Social Media was named one of the Top 10 events of SXSW and has received acclaim from audiences around the world.